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What is Long-Term Care?

What is Long-Term Care? Long-term care includes a variety of services that may be both medically and/or non-medically necessary for people with a chronic illness or disability.  Health and personal needs are met through long-term care.  Generally speaking, long-term care provides people assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting or […]

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”–Mark Twain

For years “experts” have concluded that the long-term care insurance industry is dead.  Here are some of the headlines: “What’s killing the long-term care insurance industry?”  Aug. 2012 “Long-term care insurance begins to fade away”–New York Times, Nov. 2010 “When a Safety Net is Yanked Away–is Long-Term Care Insurance Doomed?”–NYT Nov. 2010 Crumbling Economics Undermines […]

Sometimes even smart people don’t understand long-term care insurance–even if they write for a leading magazine

I understand that journalists don’t have time to check all their facts, but this recent article in Forbes is riddled with falsehoods and half-truths.  It doesn’t even read like something a journalist would write.  It sounds like he’s just a salesman hawking for “longevity annuities”. If you want to suffer through the article in one […]

Headline: IBM stops selling computers–future of computer industry in doubt!

In December of 2004, the company that set the standard for personal computers (remember “IBM-compatible”), stopped selling personal computers.  After dominating the PC market for most of two decades, IBM abruptly left. No newspaper editor was silly enough to write the headline: IBM stops selling personal computers– future of PC industry in doubt! Yet, earlier […]

4 Reasons why a 90-day Elimination Period usually makes the most sense

4 Reasons why a 90-day Elimination Period usually makes the most sense: A 30-day Elimination Period usually costs about 20% more than a 90-day Elimination Period.  If you’re going to spend 20% more premium, you would be better off buying 20% more Daily Benefit.  Would you rather have a policy that pays $200 per day […]

What is a “Partnership Qualified Policy”?

Partnership Qualified Policy = A type of policy that allows you to protect (keep) some of your assets if you apply for Medicaid after using your policies benefits. Not all states have these policies.

What is “Inflation Protection” in a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

Inflation Protection = A policy option that provides for increases in benefit levels to help pay for expected increases in the costs of long-term care services.