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Texas Long-Term Care Partnership-qualified policies provide some benefits, features, and consumer protections that are not available with other long-term care policies.

These additional features offer even greater protection of your financial resources, such as your home and savings. Only agents who have completed training required by the Texas Department of Insurance may sell Partnership-qualified policies. Learn more.

Dollar-for-Dollar Resource Protection

Preserve some of your financial security. This feature is only available on Partnership-qualified long-term care insurance policies.

Inflation Protection

Make sure your coverage keeps up with rising costs. Learn more.

Tax Qualification

You may be able to deduct part of your premiums from your taxes as a medical expense. Find out.

State-to-State Coverage

Considering retiring in another state? See if you could receive resource protection if you needed to apply for Medicaid assistance in your new home state.

SOURCE:   Texas Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

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