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Welcome to LTCFacts!  We help you make informed decisions about long-term care.

LTCFacts.org is committed to educating consumers about long-term care insurance by providing an easy-to-use website filled with simple definitions about long-term care insurance terms and concepts.  By providing simple definitions for complex long-term care insurance terms, consumers become empowered to make intelligent buying decisions that impact their financial and family lives.

Contributing authors of LTCFacts.org have been involved with the long-term care insurance industry for over 17 years with knowledge of underwriting guides from top insurance companies in over 40 states.  This website is not sponsored by any insurance company, nor does it promote any particular insurance company.  Every consumer has different financial needs and health history, which is why educating consumers is especially important.  Once consumers understand the intimate relationship between their personal health history and financial situation, then they are ready to begin shopping and comparing long-term care policies offered by the various companies.

How to use LTCFacts.org?

LTCFacts.org is designed for consumers seeking to learn more about long-term care insurance.  On the right-side of the page you will see “LTCI DICTIONARY” with a drop-down list of long-term care insurance terms.  Some terms will have definitions only, and some will have other useful articles about that term.  You may search our site on the right-side of the page as well, or ask your own question by choosing the button at the top of the page.



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