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Letter to the Editor of the Des Moines Register

In 2003, the Iowa Insurance Division (IID) foresaw the need to protect Iowans from uncontrollable long-term care insurance rate increases. Therefore, the IID enacted a Rate Stability Regulation effective February 1st, 2003. (Iowa Administrative Code 191—39.26 & 39.28) Policies purchased in Iowa before February 1, 2003 are not protected by this regulation. Policies purchased in […]

The Des Moines Register recently wrote an editorial on long-term care insurance

The Des Moines Register recently wrote an editorial on long-term care insurance.  (“Long-term care policies have their risks”, Sunday, September 21st, 2014) Everyone has a different opinion about long-term care insurance.  But if the largest publisher in Iowa is going to draw conclusions about long-term care insurance, the least they should do is some basic research into […]

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”–Mark Twain

For years “experts” have concluded that the long-term care insurance industry is dead.  Here are some of the headlines: “What’s killing the long-term care insurance industry?”  Aug. 2012 “Long-term care insurance begins to fade away”–New York Times, Nov. 2010 “When a Safety Net is Yanked Away–is Long-Term Care Insurance Doomed?”–NYT Nov. 2010 Crumbling Economics Undermines […]

Sometimes even smart people don’t understand long-term care insurance–even if they write for a leading magazine

I understand that journalists don’t have time to check all their facts, but this recent article in Forbes is riddled with falsehoods and half-truths.  It doesn’t even read like something a journalist would write.  It sounds like he’s just a salesman hawking for “longevity annuities”. If you want to suffer through the article in one […]

What Health Reform Doesn’t Cover: Long-Term Care for the Elderly

There’s a great article on CBS Money Watch entitled, “What Health Reform Doesn’t Cover:  Long-Term Care for the Elderly”. One of the biggest misconceptions about the CLASS Act (Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act) is that “it will help the elderly receive care at home.” But, the CLASS Act legislation requires that you must pay premiums for […]

Long-term care insurance is not for sissies!

The NFL and the NFL Alumni Association announced recently that they’ve signed an agreement with a leading long-term care insurance company to provide long-term care insurance benefits to retired NFL players. Mike Ditka was one of the former players who lead the push to get the NFL to agree to provide the long-term care benefits. […]