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Letter to the Editor of the Des Moines Register

In 2003, the Iowa Insurance Division (IID) foresaw the need to protect Iowans from uncontrollable long-term care insurance rate increases. Therefore, the IID enacted a Rate Stability Regulation effective February 1st, 2003. (Iowa Administrative Code 191—39.26 & 39.28) Policies purchased in Iowa before February 1, 2003 are not protected by this regulation. Policies purchased in […]

The Des Moines Register recently wrote an editorial on long-term care insurance

The Des Moines Register recently wrote an editorial on long-term care insurance.  (“Long-term care policies have their risks”, Sunday, September 21st, 2014) Everyone has a different opinion about long-term care insurance.  But if the largest publisher in Iowa is going to draw conclusions about long-term care insurance, the least they should do is some basic research into […]

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance on Long-term care insurance

Focus on the Major Benefits–the “fuzzy dice” are not important!

Nearly everyone who receives care today receives that care either at home or in some type of facility–care that is provided by loving, compassionate people. I’m quite certain that 30 years hence, care will still be provided by loving, compassionate people either at home or in a facility–making the point of this article moot. Since […]

Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance? Pros and Cons.

Most of what I find on the internet about long-term care insurance is, to put it mildly, terribly miss-informed.  This recent article from a website that rates retirement communities was surprising balanced.  And the comments by members at the end of the article were very helpful.   Scott

Is there hope for someone who has been declined for long term care insurance?

I was reading an online “newspaper” the other day.  There was an article about long term care insurance and the importance of planning for the financial consequences of needing long term care. I like to read the comments at the end of articles.  I often find the comments more interesting than the article itself.  I […]